How to Make a Blog on Blogger Not Use tough

How to Make a Blog on Blogger Not Use tough

Blogger or is a blogging service from Google that is very popular in Indonesia.

The reason why it is so popular is because blogging service is free and very easy to use.

Anyone who caninternetan then it can certainly manage a blog at jaya smoothly.

Well here I want to share a tutorial how to create a blog on blogger special for my friend who might be the first time to create a blog and still a bit confused how to make it.

Here are the steps:

# 1. entered into

# 2. Login using your Google account belongs to my friend. If you do not have, please read:How to create a free email from Google

# 3. If my friend had not previously made a Google+ profile then click "Buat profil Google+"But if already have a Google+ profile then directly jump to the scarce number 9.

Buat profil Google+

# 4. Click "Increase"


# 5. Click "Proceed"

Klik Lanjutkan

# 6. Click "Proceed"Aja again

Klik Lanjutkan lagi

# 7. If a pop-up, click "Proceed anyway"

Klik Tetap lanjutkan

# 8. Click "Finished"

Klik Selesai

# 9. Click "Continue to Blogger"
Lanjutkan+ke+Blogger.png (1010×544)

# 10. Click "Blog baru"To create a new blog

Cara Membuat Blog

# 11. Detail the contents of your blog, then click "Buat blog!"

Isi detail blog

# 12. Yippee ... !! Blog is so ..

Blog sudah jadi

After that I had doing, Mas?

Things can be done next course starts to fill your blog with posts. Please read the tutorial I post articles on blogger

Besides the most important thing is to learn the basic menus in order blogger pal easier to manage. Please read: Understanding the basic menu in blogger.

That's roughly a tutorial how to create a blog on blogger not wearing complicated. Hope can provide benefits for all buddy.
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