How to Make Free Email from Google

How to Make Free Email from Google

For my friend who wants to create a blog on blogger then it must first have an email account on Google.

If my friend had not have it, do not need to worry as to create a Google mail is easy, as easy as turning the palm of the hand.

Below I will explain how to make it.

Here's loh how:

# 1. entered into

# 2. After it was filled just data. See the picture below just let me clear:
Cara Membuat Email Gratis di Google
Click the picture is just let me clear
# 3. When completed, then just click the button "Next step"

Klik Langkah berikutnya

# 4. Next later told my friend going to make Google+ profile. Just click "Next time"Because it can be set sometime.

Buat akun Google+

# 5. Woohoo !!! Free email from Google, so ... Now we go to to login to the email buddy.

Login ke Email Google

That's about how to make free email from Google or Gmail. Very easy, even elementary school children can do it alone though without reading this tutorial.

If my friend still felt trouble, it's called a super duper kebangetan.
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