How to SEO Website, Beat Competitors, and Being No. 1 in Google

How to SEO Website, Beat Competitors, and Being No. 1 in Google

Cara SEO Website, Mengalahkan Pesaing, dan Menjadi No 1 di Google
Cara SEO Website, Beat competitors, and Being No. 1 in Google indeed very easy. This time I will discuss how SEO website to raise your blog's position in the Search Engine.

I know SEO is a thing that can not be easy, it may be very difficult for most of you remember many things that must be learned from SEO ...

So we just into the discussion. In general, how seo website that there are three ways, among others ..
  1. Keyword Research, Is looking for keywords with a high number of searches with the competition that you can conquer.
  2. Onpage SEO, adalah proses men-struktur halaman seperti memberi Meta description, Image Alt Tag, Title Tag, Heading Tag, dan lain-lain.
  3. Offpage SEO , Is an optimization that you do behind the scenes. No visitor to your blog could clearly understand what you are doing. Examples Offpage SEO is looking for backlinks, find backlinks can be a way to comment on DoFollow blogs, submit articles in Social Bookmark DoFollow, and others. You also need to pay attention quality backlink The.
So, the three that's what we will discuss in this article, namely Keyword research, SEO Onpage, and OFF-PAGE SEO.

How to SEO Website and Be # 1 On Google

Keyword Research 

In the selection of keywords. You must know what the keywords that you seek as a primary keyword, and supporting your site's keywords. And most people do not even know they must have targeted keywords for ...
Cara SEO Website dengan Keyword Research
So, think first you want to create a site on what, for what, who the person you seek, and what keywords that will be typed in the search engine (google, bing, yahoo, etc.). Keyword you are targeting must have a large number of searches, and with little competition (competition) and of course you also have to be able to conquer these keywords.

Remember: If you are wrong in doing keyword research targeting competitive keywords will make your website without traffic. And chances are you will be desperate in the middle of the street without ever getting any traffic at all.

Keyword research for there are two things you should do is Cara Riset Keyword dengan Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Keyword competition analysis.

Onpage Optimization 

There are a lot of things in Onpage optimization, But you do not need to know all the important points.
Cara SEO Website dengan On-page Optimization
3 main thing in Onpage SEO is the user experience, crawlability, and Relevance

Job search engines like google is providing relevant results to its users. So, if your blog is relevant to your site then most likely be perched at the top of google. Some things in Onpage SEO can make your site relevant is to set the Title Tag, giving Heading Tag, Meta DescriptionImage Alt Tag, Etc ..

User experience
Some things that used by Google to determine the user experience resulting from a website is kecepatan loadingbounce rate (The smaller the value, the better), quality content (Does not have to be long, but it must be qualified), outbound dan inbound link (Link removed) to the relevant page and authority, and others.

You should make it easier to crawl your site by Google. Pages crawled by google rarely in the blog can be decreased rankings. And conversely, that page has a higher crawl the site could have a higher position also at the Search Engine.

For how to do SEO Optimization Onpage super complete, please read How to do SEO optimization Onpage.

Offpage Optimization (mencari backlink)

Cara SEO Website dengan Off-page OptimizationOffpage optimization This is a topic that is very LUAS once, this section is a suitable reason why the master SEO does not give the secret techniques for free. If the master SEO gives his secret trick to the public, it means the same thing to kill his own blog.

In the OFF-PAGE SEO, this is 80% of the way to find relevance, the rest of her is of the ON-PAGE SEO.

How do I find RELEVANCE? Find lots of backlinks to your site to the topic setema with your blog, and the Anchor Text that you seek. Not only backlinks which are numerous, but backlinks should also be qualified.

To know more about the quality backlinks, please read what constitutes quality backlinks? And make sure you also have to choose the best blog themes for your site.

Added backlinks should also be consistent, what does that mean? Better 100 backlinks per day than 3000 direct backlink per month.

Ok, now you must have understood that SEO is a way to make our blog become the most relevant blog from other sites. By doing so, your blog can rank high on Google with ease.

Is it Only 3?

Actually there are many more things you should consider, such as visitors .. You do not ever create content just to rank high in google ..

Google does not like sites like that and probably will be kicked from SERP .. Should you need to create content solely for visitors .. But still you still have mengoptimisasinya order to rank high ..

Some Things To Google Likes Blog Kita For Visitors
This is actually very easy, basically to make visitors happy and google are informative content .. Especially if you give outbound links to relevant sites and Authority as further information for visitors ..

So, remember! SEO is easy as long as you understand ...

If SEO is easy, why many have failed?

One of the reasons why they failed to get a page one or ranking one is because they suck. They focus on SEO tricks that are stale or SEO tricks that can not last long.

Focus on the trick itself is already wrong, SEO is a long term technique. Good SEO should be based on appropriate strategies for building sites higher pagerank relevant to the keywords that you seek.

So, from now build links with anchor text that is diverse and must also be relevant.

Another mistake is that they build links in the wrong place. Many are building backlinks from blog comments, it is clear only their position difficult ride. So, make use of other means such as building backlinks from social bookmarking sites, forums, and others.

What if you want to become an expert in SEO?

Many people who share information in forums, but most do not understand what they say. So should subtract learned at the forum ..

If you want to become an expert in SEO there are two ways, namely ..

Hone your skills with air-experiment

Spend your time to experiment, how? you can create an article, then the article optimasilah appropriate skills you have.

Pay attention to the things that can improve the position of your website and the things that can lower the position of your site. In this way, you can get the actual answer, you can also add to the experience in the me-ranking of a website.

Learn from people who are real experts in SEO

If you do not have time to air-experiment, then you can learn SEO from people who actually experienced in SEO.

Maybe it was just a discussion of the Cara SEO Website from me. Hopefully this article useful to you ..

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