How to Shop Safely Online Fraud

How to Shop Safely Online Fraud

Shopping online is no longer a special case, the article almost everyone can do it, because it takes only a debit card, smartphone and an Internet connection, so you can be free shopping online at any online store in Indonesia.

Behind facilities online shopping, There are various loopholes that are often used by fraudsters to do penipuan online.

The lack of security in online shopping as well as the weakness of the law for the perpetrators of online crime makes the fraudsters increasingly genjar perform an action to gain unilateral advantages.

However, not to worry, because of course there are the following solutions to overcome them and I share 8 online shopping safe way, so that we can avoid online fraud crime.

1. Note Quality Online Store

toko online berkualitas

The quality here can be seen from the discipline of the seller (owner of online shop) in updating the price of goods there. If the price of goods offered while chatting different from what you see in an online store, then you need to be vigilant.

The use of SSL (https) also indirectly indicates that the online store website tersebt safe and reliable, because the incoming data will be encrypted.

Another way to determine the quality of an online store is to read testimonials from customers online store. The point try to buying and selling online of site a trusted online retailer in Indonesia Sepert blibli, Eleven, lazada.

2. Check the seller's credibility

media sosial

This is very important, because by knowing track-record the seller then we can see whether the seller is trustworthy or an impostor.

You can use the help of social media to see the activities of the seller, ask all media sosial the purchaser then start to check one by one social media account profile sellers.

More and more social media accounts owned by the seller and the positive testimonials from some buyers, the more convincing the seller anyway.

3. Use the Computer & Personal Connection

komputer pribadi di rumah

Try not to use a public computer, because we never know if the computer contained a keylogger, so be sure to use a personal computer.

One more, as much as possible avoid using connections from WiFi to transmit important information, because if the WiFi connection is not encrypted, it will be very easy for criminals to see every transaction you make, including seeing a password that you type.

4. Beware of Email Scams

contoh email penipuan

If you find a shipment email contains a link that it asks you to unlock it, then my advice do not clicked yet, try to check beforehand in total virus, it is to ensure that the link is completely safe and free of viruses.

Email containing a promo with the lure of prices that are too low you should also be aware, because logically there are no sellers are willing to lose.

5. Ensure Already Checked Item Sales

To avoid undesirable things such as shipping the defective product, then ask the seller to check the goods in advance and ensure the quality of the product, because not a few sellers who only act as dropshiper (intermediaries).

If necessary, you can also test the seller by asking questions about the products that you ordered. From here you can see whether the seller really understand about the product he is selling or not.

6. Check the Seller Account on Google

rekening penjual terpercaya

Google can really help you to avoid online fraud. You do this by using the Google search engine to find information about the seller's account.

If there are no results on Google (empty), then the seller can be expressed as net sellers and 99% I stated the seller is safe, reliable and almost impossible trick you, but if when you enter the seller's account on Google and the results contain black notes the seller, then you should find another seller.

7. Insure Goods Ordered

The process of buying and selling online does not stop until there is an agreement between the seller and the buyer, but also come to an agreement to select a courier delivering the goods.

Currently there are three service delivery (courier) goods which are very popular in Indonesia, the JNE, TIKI and POS. All three have insurance, which means that if there is damage to the goods upon delivery, you do not need to worry, because the company will replace it.

8. Save the Proof of Payment

bukti pembayaran internet banking

If you are shopping online through online banking transactions, then as much as possible to do a print out proof of such payment.

It's nothing, because the evidence of such transfers can help you in case of fraud by the seller.

For sellers please learn article Cara Jualan Online di Internet , The article is suitable for beginners who want to Learning Business Online independently. However, before making sure you already have an online store, if not you should read first How to Create Online Store.

These eight tips on safe online shopping you can make as a reference when will launch an online transaction to avoid things that are unwanted.

If the conclusions drawn, then a safe way of online shopping is to do in depth about the product, the seller and the online store site used by the seller.

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